Sunday, January 03, 2010

This is Greg!

Hey everyone, this is Greg. A Maquette I’ve been working on and off for the past year… Yeah I know a year is a long time, but this year was a busy one and I kept forgetting about him. Either way! So I finally got some time off work for the holidays and decided that this guy has been sitting around WAY to long. So ya! Meet Greg and let me know what you think!

I’m undecided weather or not I should paint him. What do you guys think?


 IMG_0062  IMG_0064  IMG_0066IMG_0063 IMG_0065IMG_0067IMG_0061 IMG_0059 IMG_0060


Greg said...

It looks cool man. I really like what you did with the proportions. there's no reason for you not to paint it.

Paul said...

frankie leave him the way he is paleface greg

Mark said...

This is awesome man, great job on the expression on his face. IMO, this beats my zbrush sculpts because of it.