Monday, February 09, 2009

Dewie Animation

Here's a little animation I did last month. I did it mainly for practice and to add to the ol' Demo Reel. I can't remember where the clip is from but many thanks to Peter Starostin and James Hunt for this great rig! If anyone is still stoppin by let me know what ya think! Critiques and Comments are always welcome!


Greg said...

It's cool. I like the timing on the reveal that he has a knife in his hand.

Nate Lane said...

Haha excellent audio. It's coming along great :). I think that when he turns his head to the side maybe include a little shoulder in that turn as well. You're getting just a wee bit of a broken neck feel with the head nearly 90 degrees to the shoulders.

zubby said...

Hey Frankie!

Just added your blog to my Google Reader feed so I can keep up to date with your stuff. I've got a art blog going on blogspot now, so that should be good.